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Why Attorneys Choose Ryan

Why Attorneys
Choose Ryan


I have over fifteen years of research and legal writing experience, and it shows. I work with attorneys across the country, and I am routinely asked to formulate and develop legal arguments for my clients, often from scratch. I’ve worked hard to earn that type of trust. Let me put my expertise to work for you.


Unlike many of my competitors, I personally perform all legal research and writing projects. Since forming the company I have developed close working relationships with many attorneys. I can be a valuable asset to your team as well. Contact me today to see how I can help with your legal needs.


Hiring an associate requires a significant investment of your time and money. Hiring a research attorney lets you avoid these complications. You can obtain legal research and brief writing services as much, or as little, as needed without investing in any additional overhead or training.


Legal Writing Service

My legal writing services are unmatched. Legal writing can be complex and demanding, which is why I offer a wide range of services to help your firm. I offer appellate brief writing services, signature-ready motions and responses, and comprehensive legal writing support. I’ve spent the last 15 years doing nothing but high-level research and writing. My services can give you a competitive edge and help you achieve superior outcomes for your clients.

Legal Research Service

I also specialize in providing expert legal research services to attorneys throughout the U.S. No matter what state you practice in, I can help.  Outsourcing this work to a licensed and experienced contract attorney can save you valuable time–which you could spend networking, building your practice, or doing the things you enjoy. Hiring a legal research attorney enables you to manage the busy periods in your practice, without having to hire an associate.     

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Ryan Mazur, ESQ

What Sets Me Apart

I specialize in helping solo and small firm lawyers compete with larger firms, by providing a comprehensive legal research and brief writing service. Unlike many of my competitors, I spent almost eight years in practice before starting this company. Since then, I’ve spent the last decade exclusively providing legal research and writing support. I’ve developed close working relationships with attorneys throughout the country, and I can be a valuable part of your team as well.

I understand that it’s your client relationship – and your reputation – that’s at stake. You’re the one who files the work product, and you’re the one who has to stand before the judge and argue the issue. I take that responsibility very seriously. That’s why I approach every project as if it were my own – like my own name and reputation were on the line.

Let’s discuss how I can help you with your next research or writing project.

I am a licensed and experienced Florida attorney, and I personally perform all legal research and writing work for the company.

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My Pricing

Rates Starting at $185/hr

My standard hourly rate is $185/hr, with an average turnaround of 5-7 days.

I also offer a rush rate of $285/hr, with a guaranteed turnaround of 72 hours or less, for those times when you’re faced with a pressing deadline.

How to Increase Your Firm's Profitability and Reputation With Our Research and Legal Writing Services

Elevate Your Firm with Our Premier Legal Writing Services

As a former practicing attorney, I understand the challenges of managing a successful legal practice. At Mazur Legal Research, I offer specialized legal research and legal writing services that provide more than just outsourced assistance; I offer an as-needed resource designed to enhance your legal practice. My expertise in crafting appellate briefs, persuasive motions, and comprehensive legal memoranda can become an extension of your own firm’s capabilities.

No matter what area your practice focuses on, the ability to delegate complex research and writing tasks to a seasoned professional is invaluable. By working together, you gain the advantage of having an experienced legal researcher and writer who is deeply familiar with a wide range of legal issues your clients may face. This not only expands the breadth of your practice, but also frees up your time to focus on client relations and strategic case planning.

Investing in legal writing services not only enhances the quality of your work product, but it can also increase your bottom line. With rates starting at $185/hr, my services are structured to optimize your firm’s profitability, allowing you to remain profitable on any work outsourced to Mazur Legal Research. In 2008, the American Bar Association concluded that “a law firm that engaged a contract lawyer could add a surcharge to the cost paid by the billing lawyer provided the total charge represented a reasonable fee for the services provided to the client.” See ABA Formal Opinion 08-451, quoting ABA Formal Opinion 00-420.  

And my efficient turnaround time means that your firm can take on more cases without compromising quality, directly increasing your bottom line. The time you save by delegating research and writing tasks can be redirected towards client acquisition and other revenue-generating activities, accelerating your firm’s growth and profitability. With Mazur Legal Research, you’re not just getting expert legal support; you’re making a smart investment in the financial health and expansion of your practice.

At Mazur Legal Research, I pride myself on delivering work that adheres to the highest standards of legal scholarship and advocacy. I understand that the quality of my work directly impacts your client relationships and professional standing. My commitment to excellence is unwavering. And I treat each project with the utmost importance, ensuring accuracy, persuasiveness, and timely delivery.

My legal writing services allow you to elevate your practice, meet those time-sensitive deadlines, and achieve superior results for your clients. Let Ryan be the secret weapon in your legal arsenal, providing the support you need to thrive in a competitive legal market.

Reach out to explore how Ryan’s tailored legal writing services can be a vital part of your firm’s success.

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