How Outsourcing Legal Writing Services Can Streamline Your Business

I specialize in helping solo and small firm lawyers compete with larger firms, which typically have resources that many smaller firms cannot match. Unlike most competitors, I don’t farm your project out to other lawyers. I will personally provide these legal research and legal writing services. Outsourcing this legal research and writing work can help you streamline your law practice.

Performing comprehensive, in depth legal research can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for the solo or small firm lawyer.  Outsourcing that work to a licensed and experienced contract attorney can save you valuable time–which you could spend networking, building your practice, or having a life. Outsourcing enables you to manage the especially busy periods in your practice, without having to hire an associate.

Performing legal research in-house requires access to research databases that can become expensive. Many times, a basic subscription to Lexis® or Westlaw® is insufficient to find answers to complicated legal issues, especially when you’re faced with a pressing deadline. Let’s face it, these databases can get quite expensive, and for many solos and small firms, they’re not used frequently enough to justify the high cost.