Choose an Experienced Legal Research Lawyer

If you’re considering outsourcing a legal research or legal writing project, there are some important factors to consider when selecting the right legal research lawyer / legal research company.

Over the past 5 years, the number of online legal research companies has expanded considerably. With more choices than ever, one thing that sets me apart is my experience and affordability.

In outsourcing legal research or writing, you’re putting your reputation and client relationship on the line. While there are many overseas lawyers and recent law school grads offering cut-rate legal research and writing, that option may not end up being as cost-effective as you originally thought. An experienced research attorney can not only identify the “heart” of your issue quickly, but experienced researchers avoid the mistake of falling down the “rabbit hole” when researching an issue. We’ve all done it at some point as young lawyers. You start researching a specific issue for a senior attorney and you come across a body of law that may be related, so you start researching that area of the law, and then you discover another body of law that’s related. Before you know it, you’ve spent six hours researching issues that have little to no bearing on the actual task at hand.

Between the seven years of civil litigation practice, plus the additional eight years since forming my research company, I am experienced enough to quickly grasp your legal issue and “think outside the box” when necessary, to help you obtain the best results for your client.