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Legal Writing Service

I offer a comprehensive legal writing service to attorneys across the U.S.

Service Overview:

Mazur Legal Research is your premier destination for comprehensive legal research, legal writing and other litigation support services. Whether it’s expert brief writing, detailed motion practice, or crafting a complex MSJ (Motion for Summary Judgment) response, I am here to assist.

I understand the intricacies and time demands of legal document preparation and litigation support, which is why I offer a wide array of services to help manage your caseload and enhance your legal practice.

My writing services include:

Motion Practice: I can draft clear and persuasive motions, responses and supporting memoranda. With over fifteen years of dedicated experience in legal research and writing, I focus on creating strong legal arguments from the ground up. I am often tasked with developing a compelling legal argument from scratch. Let me put my expertise to work for you.

Appellate Briefs:  I offer comprehensive appellate brief writing services for both state and federal courts, including the preparation of necessary appendices or other appellate requirements

Pleadings: I can help you with drafting, reviewing and editing complaints and developing additional causes of action.

Discovery: I routinely help my clients formulate and respond to discovery requests. I have expertise in formulating and responding to discovery requests, ensuring comprehensive and strategic handling of the discovery process.

Other Legal Documents: Beyond court filings, I also specialize in creating mediation statements, settlement proposals, in-house memoranda, informal email reports, and other transactional legal documents. 

Why utilize legal outsourcing services?

One of the main benefits of outsourcing legal writing is that it allows attorneys to focus on other important aspects of their practice, like managing existing clients, networking and growing your business. Legal writing can be incredibly demanding and time-consuming, and by outsourcing this task to a professional legal writing service, attorneys and law firms can free up valuable time and resources that can be better spent on other important matters.

Using an experienced legal research attorney can also help your firm stay profitable. Many of my clients have practices that are busy enough to need legal writing services on a project basis, but are not so busy that they need a full-time associate.  

By hiring a legal research attorney, you not only avoid those overhead costs, but you can also improve your bottom-line by charging a premium on the outsourced work. In 2008, the American Bar Association concluded that “a law firm that engaged a contract lawyer could add a surcharge to the cost paid by the billing lawyer provided the total charge represented a reasonable fee for the services provided to the client.” See ABA Formal Opinion 08-451, quoting ABA Formal Opinion 00-420.  



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