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Why You Need Personalized Legal Research Services

Do you know who is actually going to be working on your legal research project? Unlike many competitors, when you call my company, I’m the one answering the phone, not some project manager who is going to farm your work off to another legal research lawyer. Make no mistake, there are several well known companies who have research attorneys that serve only as project managers. Sometimes they disclose this up front, oftentimes they don’t. These project managers discuss the case with you and pitch their own knowledge and experience. Once retained, however, they farm your project out to a recent graduate or overseas lawyer. That’s their business model. They can take on hundreds of hours of work every week, because they’re not actually performing any of it.

My company works a little different. Over the past seven years, I’ve built close working relationships with many attorneys across the United States. Some use my services every month, others just a few times a year. Either way, when they call they know that their work and their reputation are in good hands. These attorneys routinely send me their most difficult legal research and writing projects, and I’m often asked to develop an argument from scratch.

I’ve worked extremely hard over the past five years to develop lasting business relationships with solo and small firm lawyers. Let me put my expertise to work for you.